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What is ESG Metaverse?

ESG Metaverse is a "virtual environment" you can enter-not just on the screen. Essentially, this is a world of endless, interconnected virtual communities where people can use virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps or other devices to meet, work, and play.
This is the next evolution of connectivity. All these things begin to merge together in a seamless, avatar universe, so you live your virtual life just like you live your real life.
We are smoothing the transition from mini-games to the ESG Metaverse, and the NFTs and tokens you accumulate in mini-games will be carried over to the ESG Metaverse, so the investment in mini-games gives you a potentially huge advantage in the ESG Metaverse.
The most prominent version of ESG Metavese will be the VR version, but PC and mobile are also under consideration, which will ultimately be decided by the DAO. Our ESG Metaverse will shape a new and realistic universe where every interaction you have will have a profound effect on the world.