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How to withdraw my staking EvilSquidGame tokens?
When withdrawing the EvilSquidGame tokens, there could be occasional errors. Try to reset your gas limit. The initial value is too low.. We don’t have any authority to stake or unstake tokens for you. Please do NOT give your private key or mnemonic to anyone.
Why are the some game assets so familiar to me?
Most images / 3d models are designed by our deign team, some are purchased under license and some are free to use with modifications by our design team. We hope that in the future we will be able to create everything 100% ours.
When will the new game launch?
We observed the gamefi available in the market and the beta version minigame that has been launched. Ultimately, we believe that gameplay is the key to a sustainable game, so we need to spend a lot of time doing fun experimenting and exploring to make sure the game is playable. At the same time, the gamefi market has fallen to SOW (Sign of Weakness), but it is expected to revive in the future, we will maintain the normal development of the game and make a blockbuster in the future.
Will the game have more languages?
Yes, we plan to translate the page into several languages.
Can I help with the development of the project?
Over the past six months, we have endured the dumpling of the crypto market together, there are some changes in the developers, which inevitably lead to a delay in the progress of the game. If you have experience in smart contracts and web3, or are creative and talented in game development, please send your resume to [email protected]
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