We have a team of about 10 people with talented programmers, brilliant artists, outstanding game planners and economists, psychologists, and even philosophers. In the meantime, our team is still expanding in order to cope with making a meta-universe on a grand scale, while the community will be contributing as well. We work closely with each other and have made breakthroughs in the past few months. Our main focus at the moment is still on developing the ESG Metaverse, but there's still enough energy to ensure progress on the mini-game. Also some models and gameplay from ESG Metaverse will be dropped into the mini-game early.
Projects and communities led by exceptional individuals are vulnerable, with moral hazard and capacity constraints. Our efforts throughout the project have been primarily aimed at increasing the robustness of the system.
The following are several roles.
Hexagon: founder, major funder and team coordinator.
Circle: Through the preparation of programs and algorithms, the framework of the entire game is built.
Triangle: Ensure uniformity of art style.
Square: Game planning and game setting.
Community: The promotion and distribution of the game will be left to the community. I am sure you are the best preachers.
It's worth noting that you can also be one of the hexagons, circles, triangles and squares. It is a symbol of contribution to the community.