Chapter 1
The story begins in a remote corner of the galaxy, the KJD758 system, rich in resources but off the beaten path, where the Kimura Consolidated Mining Company has been granted permanent exploration rights, however, the advance team meets an unknown life form and suffers a devastating blow.
For ulterior motives, the KCML did not release this news to the public, but instead organized a large fleet to travel to the site of the incident nine months later.
Players, as the unknowns of the ESG world, run to the unknown stars for riches.
We shall prevail, we shall return.
In Chapter 1: Restart, we were forced to abandon our usual game engine, because in blockchain games, entertainment is not always the first. People will use a lot of scripts to play these games in order to make more profits. The team still needs several months to improve our anti-cheat system. A traditional anti-cheat system is simple, but we hope to adopt a more decentralized way to implement.
So in the first chapter, people use staking NFTs to gain, which will allow regular players and script users to be on the same page. We don't want the average participant to be deprived of the benefits, especially early in the game.
DLC is available in Q2, and we offer skill and instance experiences and PVP strategy updates. The instance will reveal more secrets of the KCML and KJD758 galaxy.
You will then be able to mint skills and you will be able to burn tokens to buy random skills, use gold to upgrade them or sell them in the marketplace, as well as use skills in replicas and PVP to get better access to rewards. Also, we will be adding many new spaceship NFTs.
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